Thursday May 24

Wills & Bequests

Gift Program

Your legacy will live on in the smiles and successes of Australian kids in need. By leaving a gift to the Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation, you will:

  • Help at risk children throughout Australia be ‘ready to learn’ so they can take full advantage of their best oppotunity to escape the poverty trap – their education
  • Meet the physical and nutritional needs of disadvantaged children living in poverty in Australia through the implementation of our ongoing, practical, sustainable and effective school based intervention programs
  • Educate the public of Australia that these at risk children need special support. It’s wonderful to have so many charitable, government and religious institutions throughout Australia offering such a wide range of free literacy support, financial literacy programs, mentoring and tutoring programs, but the facts are, when kids are hungry, tired, cold or wet - or not at school at all - these programs are at best not achieving their full potential, and at worst, a waste of time
  • Build a brighter, happier, healthier future for at risk kids and their communities throughout Australia
  • Support Australia’s MOST disadvantaged communities by providing resources to those ‘doing it the toughest
  • Improve attendance levels and behaviours critical to educational success

Your solicitor or trustee company can assist you in establishing gifts to loved ones through a bequest to the Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation. Click here for our Wills & Bequest brochure to find out more.

Bequest program

You can make a bequest to Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation in one of the following ways:

  • Allocate a specific amount of money, items or property to the Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation
  • Nominate the Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation as a beneficiary to your insurance policy
  • Establish a trust fund where the interest earned is donated to the Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation
  • Designate the residual of your estate to the Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation

Simply include the following wording in your Will:

I, .......................... bequeath ......................... . to the Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation. To be applied to such of the objectives of the Foundation as it may think fit for the programs and services of the Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation. I declare that the receipt of the Foundation shall be a full discharge to my Executors for the said bequest, the bequest being free from probate and estate duties."

Click here to download 'Your Will, Your Legacy to our Kids Future” brochure.