Thursday May 24

Ways to Help

Join our Caring 4 Aussie Kids Club today

There are disadvantaged kids living in almost every town and community throughout the length and breadth of Australia. They may be as close as being in the very street you live in, the next suburb, or next door to a family member or friend. The Caring 4 Aussie Kids Club is a simple, effective way you can directly help kids in need in your region. A small donation every week will help us to provide brand new leather school shoes and 3 pairs of socks to kids in need. Your support will help put a big smile on the faces of kids less fortunate than us and help them be ‘ready to learn’ so they can take advantage of their best opportunity to escape the poverty trap – their education. Click here to join the Caring 4 Aussie Kids Club or make a one off donation today. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Employers can also help facilitate employee involvement by dollar matching donations or freeing up time for employees to volunteer their services.