Thursday May 24

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission / Primary Objectives are to help:

  • Meet the physical needs of disadvantaged children living in Australia through the implementation of ongoing, practical, sustainable school based intervention programs that will help them get to school, stay for the duration of the school day and learn and retain information so they can take advantage of their best hope to break the cycle of poverty – their education, and in doing so:

    • improve attendance levels and retention, and

    • improve behaviours critical to attainment of educational success

  • Increase participation in physical activity and play, and in doing so: 

    • remove the physical barriers that prevent them from joining in, and 

    • improve attendance levels by providing decent clothing and shoes so they are warm and dry in winter and protected from the heat in summer

  • Ensure disadvantaged children in need in Australia are at school and ready to learn so they can take full advantage of their best opportunity to escape the poverty trap – their education
  •  To close the gap between the educational performance of Indigenous and non-Indigenous children

  •  Build a foundation towards increasing the future work force capacity of disadvantaged children


  • To gain and develop sustainable relationships with state and federal government, key community groups, seniors, business leaders, funding agencies, sponsorship partners, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Departments and communities, Education and Health Departments and the school sector

  •  To build relationships and bridges between senior groups, protective services and disadvantaged children and communities

  •  To become and maintain exceptional practice and continual achievement in sourcing funding so that we can run and grow the programs that best meet the basic needs of children in need in Australia

  •  To develop and continually improve our management practices and business systems so that we achieve best practice in Australia in the nfp sector

  •  To foster our staff and volunteers so that they are satisfied and continually grow in their work, skills and personal development

  •  To be renowned by our clients, partners, the public and other stakeholders as being excellent in our field delivering measurable, sustainable results

  •  To be leaders in the development of client-centred service systems (innovative, smarter solutions to old problems)

  •  To be leaders in the delivery of quality services which make a positive difference for both Indigenous and non Indigenous communities