Thursday May 24

The shocking reality is that Australia – the lucky country - is not immune to child poverty, a condition we associate with third world countries. Here in our own backyard, 1 in 6 children are living below the poverty line (Australian Child Rights Report 2016), the impact of which can have profound long-term negative consequences for our children, the communities they live in and our country as a whole.The research and statistics available on child poverty in Australia are extensive and disturbing. Those experiencing child poverty suffer both short and long term effects. In the short term there may be stress, hardship and deprivation from lack of food and basic amenities. In the long term, poor educational achievements limit employment opportunities and may sentence those who have suffered child poverty to a life long struggle to survive. (Senate Community Affairs References Committee Secretariat Report on Poverty and Hardship in Australia 2004). Right now our children living in poverty need our help. For them Australia is not the lucky country. These forgotten children can never be sure of receiving adequate clothing or shoes. However, these are cold statistics, which do not really describe the little faces of our kids in need. We are sure you will agree they deserve better.

Education equals opportunity and for disadvantaged children living in poverty, it represents their best opportunity to escape the poverty trap for the chance of a brighter, happier, healthier future.

The Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation meets the physical needs of disadvantaged Aussie kids through our effective school based programs Shoes & Socks 4 Kids and Uniforms 4 Kids.

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